Sams Cooks… Grilled Lobsters

Sometimes I get a craving and it’s all I can think about. Thoughts of it gate crash every waking moment and even in sleep there’s no escape until I satisfy the craving. This time it was lobster (my cravings range from Gregg’s sausage roll to the more decadent stuff, I don’t discriminate against food). Having been to Lobster & Burger a couple of times, it lended itself to a hankering for grilled lobster.  More so for its fragrant charred shell and its sweet, slightly chewy morsels of meat dipped generously in butter. A trip to the nearest branch of Lobster & Burger was out of the question because I am not an arsehole and I won’t put people through Ava’s whining and screaming from teething and overall being a grouch so I decided to pay a visit to See Woo Chinese supermarket, avoid eye contact with the live lobsters and roll up my sleeves.


When choosing fresh lobster, go for ones which are lively and active. This equals freshness and that is mandatory in seafood. Unless its fermented, then yeah. You can leave it to the fishmongers to choose ones for you or you can point to the ones you like the look of. I bought two 2 great big ones (about 2lbs in weight) for around £30.

Stick the lobsters in the freezer for a few hours. This will lessen your guilt and send them in to a deep slumber. When you’re ready to start cooking, boil up a huge pot of salted water and retrieve the lobster from the freezer. Immediately plunge the lobster into the pot and boil it for about 5-8 minutes. You want to parboil them, so you’re not going to end up with a burnt shell and uncooked meat after grilling them. Fish the lobster out and put them in ice water to stop them from cooking further. Gosh, I just love that colour after its been cooked.

10338877_715919861787253_8787411737429419615_nSee that X mark on the shell? Take a sharp knife and insert the tip down the line and cut lengthways down the body till you split it in half. Do take care though. Don’t want to be spoiling that lobster meat with your blood.

10441115_715919898453916_8752540274004205267_nRemove all that green stuff and the intestine along the tail. You can carefully rinse it off or just scrape it out with a spoon.  Sometimes you may even find little black dots, don’t panic, those are lobster roe. Try not to vomit in your mouth like I did if you see them.

10414554_715919878453918_3232971368317729251_nTwist the claws off and give them a good smack with a mallet. Or your head. only joking. Don’t use your head. You just want it to crack enough so you can get into it after grilling.

10397825_715920011787238_7259084225573908175_nMelt some butter in a pan, throw in some diced garlic and juice of half a small lemon. Generously brush the butter on to the lobster meat and add fresh black pepper. When the BBQ is ready, grill the lobsters, meat side down for about 5 minutes, flip and grill the other side for a further 5 minutes. If you want to do it using the oven grill, by all means go ahead. Serve with some salad or chips…

…or steaks like I did.



Day Out To Camber Sands

Since it was the first proper bit of sunshine we’ve seen all half term, Jess got to choose where she wanted to go and she chose to go clam picking. We went last year and came home with a bucket load of huge clams which I happily turned into 2 different dishes. We had hope for the same outcome, but it wasn’t to be. The bloomin tide was coming in when we got there- despite checking the tide times before setting off.

I also whipped out the old DSLR because I haven’t used it for a while. It had been so long that I didn’t notice I had the ISO on high and clicked away only to realise after I went through the photos. No harm done, I reckon it lends itself to a rather tranquil and soloem feel (couple of pics were taken with the iphone). Oh, and it was Ava’s first time barefeet on sand. She rather liked it!

10383017_715894845123088_8492144540968554163_n 10304967_715894558456450_2150302716444020940_n 10355893_715894655123107_1978421883427594392_n 10436012_715896838456222_926300726596312659_n 10430820_715894575123115_5766278474572678764_n 10383022_715894668456439_5598674128472264554_n 10418939_715894805123092_3847067368258602070_n



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